Pros & Cons of Living in Eugene, Oregon

Eugene, Oregon is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. With its mild climate and proximity to the mountains, it is easy to see why this little town has become such an attractive place to live. However, all towns come with their own set of pros and cons. Schar Construction has provided a deep dive into the pros and cons of living in Eugene.

Pros of living in Eugene, Oregon

1. Beautiful Outdoors

Mountains and rivers surround the city, making it an excellent location for outdoor enthusiasts. The mild climate of Eugene, Oregon also makes it attractive to live in compared to other cities on the west coast that are known for their cold weather throughout the year. 

Its proximity to Portland has made it a popular living destination for those looking to escape Portland’s high cost of real estate. People who love outdoor activities and live a healthy lifestyle will enjoy Eugene’s mild climate, proximity to mountains, rivers, and lakes. 

2. Spacious

Eugene is a quiet and peaceful city where people will rarely experience loud noises from their neighbors, especially in residential areas. The traffic congestion is bearable compared to other big cities like Portland. Therefore, it is easier for people to drive through Eugene during rush hours.

3. Craft Beer Making

Eugene has a high number of craft breweries and pubs in the city. It’s also fairly easy for people living in Eugene to start their brewery since there is no strict regulation, like in Portland. People who love trying new beers will find this a bonus when moving into Eugene or anywhere close to its vicinity. 

4. Good Public Schools

Eugene has good public schools that are rated highly by different major magazines and surveys. Therefore, it is easier for parents to find great school districts without worrying about their quality. There are also many private schools in Eugene, making it easy for parents who want their children to learn in a religious or non-religious environment.

5. Low Crime Rates

Eugene has low crime rates compared to other cities in Oregon and the US at large, which makes it one of the safest places to live in, with little worry for break-ins and robberies. However, some crime still occurs within residential neighborhoods, especially during the summer and winter holidays.

Cons of Living in Eugene, Oregon

1. High Cost of Living

Eugene has the second-highest cost of living index in Oregon, making it an expensive city. The average rent for a one-bedroom is around $750. However, people can find some affordable apartments and homes in different neighborhoods in Eugene.

2. Allergies

People who are allergic to pollen and dust might find it difficult living in Eugene as farmlands surround the city. These conditions make it easy for its residents to experience some allergy symptoms during summer. 

The pollen rating in the summer can reach as high as 1500 grains per cubic meter of air, making it difficult for people who are sensitive to pollen and dust to live in Eugene.

3. Unemployment Rate

Eugene has a higher unemployment rate compared to the other cities. It is estimated to have about a 3% higher unemployment rate each month than the US average. This makes it difficult for people to have steady cash flow throughout the year. The high unemployment rate is linked to the University of Oregon looking for career jobs and thus creating high competition. 

4. Lack of Diversity

Eugene is a predominantly white city with very little diversity, making it difficult for people of the minority to feel included in everyday conversations. This also creates an invisible wall between different communities within Eugene, making some groups more privileged than others based on their race and skin color.

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