The Perfect Parking Spot Is Always Available at Home

All you need is a garage addition in Eugene, OR

Parking on the curb or in your driveway is fine until the weather gets rough or you hear about robberies in the area. Then you may be wishing you had a garage to protect your car. Luckily, Schar Construction, Inc handles garage addition projects in Eugene, OR.

Ready to expand? We've got you covered with our versatile construction services. Plan your garage build now by speaking with one of our team members. You'll get a free estimate before we begin.

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Use your garage however you want to

Building a garage addition is always a good idea. You can use your new garage as:

  • A way to protect your vehicles from the elements
  • An activity space for projects or get togethers
  • A storage area for sporting equipment
We'll build a garage that fits your needs exactly. To find out more about our construction services, consult a professional from our company based in Eugene, OR today.