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Coburg, OR, is a small and thriving town with home prices that average over $437,000. On top of that, property values have increased steadily over the past ten years. The city boasts a thriving and walkable downtown area, including the picturesque Coburg Historic District.

With lumber shortages poised to push construction costs higher and the costs of property likely to rise further in the coming years, buying a home in Coburg is an investment. This investment is likely to yield a sizable return both in monetary value and in the joy and peace of mind that you and your family will enjoy.

Building a Custom Home – Coburg, Oregon

Building a custom home rather than purchasing one that is already on the market allows you to make your home truly your own from the beginning. You can design your home in a way that inspires or relaxes you after a long day.

You can even create the floor plan based on the daily lives of your family. Even better, you will not need to remodel your house later on because your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living areas will already be designed to meet your needs.

A custom design also saves money, time, and effort in the long run if you include a number of important
features, such as:

  • Passive heating and cooling
  • Solar panels
  • An in-law suite
  • Accommodations for disability or aging-in-place

Don’t get buyer’s remorse or waste time undoing the previous owner’s handiwork. Get started building a custom home with Schar Construction today.

Experienced and Professional Home Builders – Coburg, OR

Building a custom home means being able to start your homeownership experience the right way. At Schar Construction, we have the experience to create a quality home, as well as the trust of local suppliers, so we can keep costs down and avoid delays. We know the permit process and the building codes in Oregon, so you don’t have to worry about any of those issues.

At Schar, we also know how to schedule planning, delivery, and installation of every component of your home to keep labor costs down. We realize that your home has deep personal meaning to you. Even if you are building a rental property, your new home reflects you. We will listen to your unique vision for your property and discuss your goals in detail before guiding you toward floor plans, materials, fixtures, and appliances that meet your

Waiting for a home to be finished can put your life on hold in many ways. You deserve the confidence of knowing that your home will be finished on time, under budget, and with quality construction. We promise that we will finish your home within 45 weeks of the start of construction, or we will pay you $5,000.

Schar Construction has been designing, building, and remodeling homes for over 40 years. Let us put our expertise, professionalism, and commitment to customer satisfaction to work for you.

Find out how Schar Construction can make your dream home in Coburg, OR, a reality. Call (541) 203-
6342 today and start the process of creating your dream home.