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The kitchen is one of the most utilized rooms in your home, so it should provide a space that is both
comfortable and effective. We have years of experience with kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects
that let us deliver high-quality results in your new kitchen.

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Choose the Scale of Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

When you decide to remodel your kitchen, even small changes can improve your home’s value and breathe new life into your interior decor. Our technicians can help you with remodeling services such as refinishing cabinets, remodeling your lights, or replacing old hardware to make minor but noticeable improvements.

Scheduling more significant projects with our local experts is just as easy. We will acquire any building permits necessary for large structural changes or expansions. If your kitchen suffers from faulty electrical components or plumbing, we can completely replace your fixtures to decrease high utility bills.

Replace Outdated Elements

One of the biggest reasons to undertake a kitchen remodeling project is to modernize your home’s cooking center. Old trends like tile countertops benefit from replacement by modern materials such as granite or steel because they will provide a fresh new look and are more durable and easy to clean.

Another proven way to improve your kitchen’s performance is to replace older appliances with smart technology. These new devices combine features such as smartphone integration and enhanced safety options with improvements in energy efficiency.

We can help you choose replacements for the following
devices from top brands:
● Ovens
● Microwaves
● Range Hoods
● Refrigerators
● Dishwashers
● Freezers

Refinishing your drawers and cabinets will bring a fresh new look to your kitchen, but a careful selection of new furniture can enhance your storage organization. Separating your stored materials into specialized zones will make it easier to find what you need and keep your equipment closer to where you are most likely to use it. Our designers can help you place cabinets so that they are aesthetically pleasing and convenient to reach.

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kitchen remodeling

Customize Your Kitchen Renovation

We send a project developer to conduct a consultation at the start of all of our remodeling projects so that we can incorporate your ideas and preferences into every part of the renovation process. Your design coordinator will help you choose the materials and appliances that fulfill your needs while still falling within your budget, giving you total creative freedom over your kitchen renovation project.

Our coordinated team of Eugene kitchen remodelers works with your design parameters in mind and includes you by providing comprehensive project reports. We send licensed professionals with the training and equipment necessary to work with electrical, structural, and plumbing components so that your new kitchen’s construction is safe and efficient.

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