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Remodeling projects are the best way to express your personal style, and this includes bathroom
renovations. Our bathroom and kitchen remodelers have been helping homeowners redesign their
houses since 1975, so we have the experience and equipment necessary to help you change your
bathroom to fit your needs.

bathroom remodel

Reasons for Bathroom Renovation

Most homeowners renovate their bathrooms to improve their level of comfort and safety. Old toilets,
tubs, and sinks will become dirty and damaged over time, creating an unpleasant atmosphere every
time you enter the bathroom. You can also change your bathroom’s aesthetics if stains appear and
colors start to fade, prompting you to search for a fresh new look.
Another common motivating factor behind starting a renovation is increasing the value of your
property. Large-scale and smaller bathroom remodeling projects significantly increase your home’s
resale value, usually at reasonable costs. Inexpensive updates to your faucet, sink, lighting, or other
elements will make your house more appealing and demonstrate the work you put into taking care of
your home.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Services

While the term “remodeling” usually evokes the image of completely tearing down and rebuilding a
residential space, sometimes practical renovations only change a few key elements. As a leading home
renovation company, we offer multiple bathroom remodeling services, including:
● Shower Remodeling: Depending on your budget, we can install different types of showers
ranging from digitally controlled models to eco-showers.
● Bathtub Installation: Choose from several styles of tubs, including freestanding, alcove, drop-in,
and corner bathtubs.
● Fixtures: You can either refinish your current fixtures or buy upgrades for your shower head and
● Tile Replacement: We have a diverse selection of bathroom tiles to choose from, including
materials such as natural stone, linoleum, and laminate.

● Toilets: Toilets are among the most major comfort factors of your bathroom, so we offer
options in different styles, sizes, and materials.
● Sinks: These are another central fixture in your bathroom, so choosing a material that fits with
the rest of your decor is essential.
Whether you’re looking to do one or all of the above, Schar Construction will make your bathroom
remodel possible.

bathroom remodeling
bathroom remodeling

Create Your Custom Bathroom Redesign

When you work with our Eugene bathroom remodelers, we give you total creative control over how you
design, build, and decorate your perfect bathroom. Our project coordinator will meet with you during
your consultation and use your renovation needs and design ideas to create a personalized renovation
plan. You can choose from a wide variety of colors, styles, and materials, as well as different models of
toilets and tubs.
Our professional technicians include builders, electricians, and plumbers that can handle even the most
radical redesigns with their extensive training and specialized equipment. Working as one team that
coordinates with your designs lets us efficiently transform your bathroom while adhering to your
original vision.

At Schar Construction, our professional general contractors will work with you to make your designs a
reality. Call our remodeling company at 541-255-6630 for an affordable and effective bathroom
remodel in Eugene, Oregon.


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