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Our Schar Construction experts have over 60 years of experience constructing luxury homes. Call 541-255-6630 today to schedule a consultation and start building your custom home in Eugene, Oregon.

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If you are searching for a new house but hate the feeling of déjà vu that comes with seeing the same floor plans over and over, you should let our builders create a unique home that perfectly suits your needs. Whether you need an easily accessible retirement home or a vacation house next to the
Willamette River, we can make your dream design a reality.

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Designing Custom Homes in Eugene, Oregon

Our architect will start working with you from the very beginning by including you in the design process of your custom home in Eugene, Oregon. We take into account your preferences as well as features that support your everyday lifestyle as we create your floor plans. This personalization includes utilizing the best views, applying energy efficiency principles, and working with your property’s natural topography to create a structurally sound design.

Building Your Custom Home

We construct your custom home using the latest techniques and technology to ensure the final product is safe, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. By employing the same team of technicians and architects from the beginning
until the project finishes, we work with fewer subtractors. This expectation lets us finish your home faster, with fewer errors and reduced costs.

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custom homes

Why You Should Customize Your New Home Construction

Choosing a custom home over a predesigned property provides several noticeable benefits. Besides enjoying more control over the design, you can have us create a residential building that complements your unique piece of land. 

This option includes building a car garage under your house on a sloped lot, tailoring rooms to fit narrow constraints, and preparing structures that minimize your exposure to local weather conditions. We also accommodate requests for less traditional home plans such as multi-generational households.

Custom home design concepts let you take advantage of multiple architectural and technological features not found in traditional houses. Our personalized homes include modern appliances and products with new warranties, giving you the best energy efficiency and temperature control performance without risking malfunctions. 

High-quality materials and structures also mean that your property is less likely to need maintenance and includes the latest safety measures for you and your family.

Who Is New Home Construction For?

New home construction is an ideal route for a person or couple that wants to create a unique home that reflects their distinctive vision, tastes, and personality. It also allows you to build on the ideal lot of your choice in a location you love. Your home will be a one-of-a-kind reflection of you and your desires. The process will involve a lot of decision-making and a close partnership with your home builder.

Custom home construction is not for everyone. The end product is certainly worth the time, money, and effort you invest. However, the entire process is complicated and lengthy. Hiring an experienced custom home builder like Schar Construction to handle the build for your Oregon home will certainly help, though!

If you can’t afford to wait a year or two for your home to be ready, custom homes may not be for you. However, if you’re dreaming of building the perfect multi-family or single-family home, our team at Schar Construction can help.

Why Wait for Your Dream Home?

A custom home design makes a lot of sense for those who are willing to wait to build the perfect place. All of that time and effort you invest in the custom home building process will shine through in the final product. The result will be a more unique, thoughtful, and energy-efficient home that suits your needs and your land.

At Schar Construction, we embrace energy efficiency every step of the way, so those who support sustainable practices will appreciate our methods. We can even build your house with a solar power system.

The whole point of constructing a custom home is to build exactly what you, the client, want and need. No matter how unique or specific, we’ll integrate your request into your new home construction. If you want (or need) any of the following things, a custom home may be a good investment for you:

  •       A home that makes use of every square foot of space
  •       A home with an unusual layout, such as a multi-family home or one with a rental suite
  •       Special architectural features, such as large windows and unusual roof lines
  •       A home that maximizes your outdoor views
  •       Access for a disabled resident
  •       Integrated privacy or security features
  •       Special rooms, such as man caves, game rooms, theatre rooms, etc.

What Is the Timeline for Building Custom Homes in Oregon?

Many custom home builders promise a home in as few as six months, but they don’t mention the potential for delays and setbacks. Unfortunately, these often lead to tensions between home builders and buyers.

The planning phase alone includes:

  •       developing the design plans and agreeing on all details
  •       acquiring building permits
  •       making sure that the plans comply with Oregon building codes
  •       locating, ordering, and securing materials
  •       coordinating with specialty subcontractors such as electricians, plumbers, woodworkers, tile layers

Some of these steps leave the construction company at the mercy of local Oregon authorities for approval.

The timeline will begin once plans are finished, any permits are secured, and all other outstanding details are taken care of. From there, our guaranteed timeline is 45 weeks to complete the build. If we don’t meet the deadline, we’ll pay you $5,000 for your inconvenience.

At Schar Construction, we take great pride in guaranteeing a short, reasonable, and concrete timeline instead.

Other Custom Home Builders Can't Match Schar Construction

To our knowledge, no other Oregon custom home builder offers this kind of guarantee on custom homes, but we have the experience and knowledge necessary to back up that promise.

While we can’t always control how long the planning process itself will take, we can control the building process, and we want to pass that sense of security on to you.

Our team of designers and contractors will keep you up-to-date with every step of the process as it happens. Once we hit that 45-week window, you can start counting down the days to your move-in.

For custom homes in Eugene, Oregon that meet your design expectations, contact our experienced builders at Schar Construction. Start creating your personalized floor plans today by calling us at (541) 255-1624.


Schar Construction is a leading home remodeling company with a solid reputation for premium results at affordable prices. We separate ourselves from the competition with:

  • Over 60 years of combined experience on our team
  • Open and honest communication from start to finish
  • Attention to the smallest details
  • Client-focused services tailored to your needs