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Whether you are considering extending existing spaces or creating entirely new rooms, our residential
additions include various options for enhancing your house.

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Add To Your Home Instead of Moving

Instead of searching for new homes when they run into space issues, homeowners can add new rooms and facilities to their current property. Not only is this a more cost-effective solution, but working with our builders is a more straightforward process than finding a new house, selling the old one, and moving all of your belongings to a new space.

You can enjoy all of the personal qualities that make your house a home while adding improvements to make it more comfortable.

Benefits of New Home Additions

There are several reasons to consider hiring us to add more space to your home. If you feel cramped and
have no place to put your belongings, adding an extra room will create more storage space. Home
additions also solve overcrowding problems such as having nowhere to accommodate visitors, sharing
bedrooms or bathrooms, or needing larger areas for garage projects.

In addition to solving problems that would otherwise require moving, our high-quality home additions
will increase the value of your property. Your extended space will provide immediate benefits for you
and your family as well as make your house more appealing to future buyers, providing a solid return on
your investment.

Home Additions
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How Our Home Construction Professionals Can Help

While it may be tempting to try these home improvement projects yourself, working with our building experts will ensure that you get the results you need. We have experience as kitchen remodelers and bathroom remodelers, and professional equipment. So, let us reliably add working lighting and plumbing systems to the new parts of your home.

These architectural challenges, along with other design aspects such as foundational analysis and support for extra weight, require extensive training to implement safely. As a professional renovation business, we use licensed professionals such as architects, plumbers, and electricians to ensure that your home remains structurally sound. We also take care of any building permits and provide detailed reports of our cash-flows and progress for complete transparency.

Our construction team will work with you during designing and building your addition to create a remodeling project that meets your needs. Using a single team for all design aspects of the project makes an unbroken chain of communication between our contractors, reducing avoidable mistakes. We also carefully design the trim, siding, and color palettes to match your property’s aesthetic and ensure that your home addition looks natural.

Our Eugene construction specialists can add the following features and more to your home:
● Living room
● Nursery
● Bathroom
● Home office
● Master bedroom

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When you need to add more space to your home, you can trust our builders at Schar Construction.
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