cost of living eugene vs portland home prices
Living in Eugene

How does Living in Portland and Eugene Compare?

Before buying or building a home, it is advisable to figure out the cost of living in your area. This may require the input of a seasoned Eugene home builder, especially if you plan to settle in this area. If you are open to other areas, you may want to know your options and compare

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living in eugene
Living in Eugene

Pros & Cons of Living in Eugene, Oregon

Eugene, Oregon is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. With its mild climate and proximity to the mountains, it is easy to see why this little town has become such an attractive place to live. However, all towns come with their own set of pros and cons. Schar Construction has provided a deep dive into the

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home addition kitchen remodel
Home Additions & Remodels

Case Study: A 1970s Home Remodel Completed Ahead of Schedule

Looking for a home addition, home remodel, or custom house? Home is where the heart is. It’s a cliche but true. Sometimes enhancing an existing house can make a world of a difference in its aesthetics, as well as its comfort value. At other times, homeowners may just want a house built to their specifications. Schar

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questions to ask home builder
Custom Homes

19 Essential Questions to Ask Your Home Builder

Building a custom home poses an exciting venture, but it can quickly turn into a disaster. One of the most critical factors is your home builder. They’re responsible for many aspects of the build, including explaining your plot plan, planning and executing the build, securing materials and labor, and ensuring that you build your dream

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build a house 2021
Cost to Build a House

Is 2021 a Good Time To Build a House?

Schar Construction has been a leading home builder in Eugene, OR, for more than four decades. We’veseen deep dives and meteoric rises in the housing market. Every home we build is safe, beautiful, madeto last through all the ups and downs, and customized to your family. Call us today at 541-329-4769 andfind out why we’re

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