Who Are The Best Home Builders in Eugene, Oregon? (Reviews/Ratings)

Each year, we at Schar Construction meet with well over 100 families across Lane County as they seek out the perfect contractor for their custom home construction or remodel. And because we have been one of the most trusted home builders in Eugene since 1975 and regularly publish informational articles on our website, many often ask us who are some of the other home builders and contractors we have in the area.

We aren’t the type to shy away from being as honest and transparent as possible about our competitors, and we want our customers to be as informed as possible.

Here is a list of who we believe are some of the most trusted and respected home builders in Eugene and Springfield, who all do a professional, great job.

Jay Marcott Construction

Jay Marcott Construction Inc was founded in 1987. Jay Marcott Construction Inc specializes in New Construction, Single-family Houses. He is located in Pleasant Hill, OR.

At the time of writing this, their business may say “temporarily closed” online, but they are still doing great work.

DC Fine Homes

DC Eugene has been building and remodeling homes in the Lane County area for the past 15 years. They have sustained a great reputation because of their attention to detail.

They note that they will offer their design services at a discounted rate if you work with them.

Heitman Custom Homes

Heitman Custom Homes is a family business that builds affordable luxury homes in the Eugene and Springfield area. They have an office on Willamette St. and have a variety of models to choose from online.

Dan Heitman has been a builder of new homes in the southern Willamette Valley for the better part of the last two decades.

Meltebeke Construction

Meltebeke Construction has been around since 1963, specializing in fine homes. The current Meltebeke neighborhoods include Regency Estates, The Fountains of Park Place and Lake Shore Estates.

They are currently one of the largest custom home building companies in Oregon, and their full-service approach includes In-House Design Architecture.

Those are four trusted home builders in Eugene to consider if you’re getting quotes on a custom home. Have you worked with another home builder not on this list that gave you an exceptional experience? Let us know!

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So what’s next?

If you’re ready to stop dreaming and start building, we encourage you to find the best home builder for your unique needs. We are always available to discuss your options with you as you navigate those first steps.

As a bonus, click here to download our Before-You-Build 11-Step Checklist.



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