22 Attractive Remodeling Ideas to do Before Selling Your House

Before placing your home on the market, you want to ensure it has everything a potential buyer wants. This means you should be open to some key remodeling ideas to really impress the potential buyer. What’s more, a remodel will increase the resale value of your home, so it is a win-win for you. Schar Construction is your go-to assistant for all remodeling needs as a professional and courteous Eugene construction company. However, you first need to know what you can include as part of the remodeling project. Below are some of the most important remodeling ideas you could pursue.

Bathroom Remodels

Design the perfect throne room for an incoming king or queen by adding the latest fixtures, gadgets, design elements, and other home remodel ideas. Most real estate agents understand that the kitchen and bathroom make the most significant impact on a potential buyer’s purchasing decision. For better or worse, the two most functional rooms in the house will decide a home’s selling price.

Bathroom Addition

Attract a motivated buyer by adding a new bathroom to the floor plan while making home improvements. A conveniently placed bathroom addition can mean the difference between a home selling almost immediately or sitting on the market for months. 

Maybe a house could use a three-quarter bath accessible from the pool area. Perhaps a sprawling bathroom suite would seal the deal. Either way, consider bathroom remodels to maximize the sale price.

New Bathroom Features

One or two modern bathroom features will usually nudge a potential buyer over the edge, resulting in an offer. Some of the most popular, luxurious bathroom features include:

●      Heated floors

●      Double showers

●      Fireplaces

●      Saunas

●      Heated towel racks

●      Double sinks

●      Spa tubs

●      Marble floors

Kitchen Remodels

Remodel the kitchen to create a space where potential buyers can envision themselves spending most of their time. Simply put, kitchens sell homes because they see more foot traffic than any other room, and families tend to congregate there. Sell houses fast by implementing some of the best home remodel ideas for kitchens.

Reimagine the Kitchen

Mold a modern masterpiece by rearranging an entire kitchen from the studs to the suds. An open kitchen with seating to entertain guests has become crucial to receiving the best price for a home. Given America’s obsession with cooking, most houses might soon consist of little more than a warehouse floor plan with a kitchen as the centerpiece.

While most future homeowners will not be able to see their bedrooms from their kitchens, sellers may want to think about knocking down a wall or two during home renovations, especially in old houses.

Luxury Kitchen Features

Lure in potential buyers with luxury kitchen features. Homeowners don’t need to buy the most expensive fixtures or the latest technology, but a few extras won’t hurt. Some of the trendiest kitchen remodels include:

●      Hidden refrigerators

●      Signature sinks

●      Automatic cupboard light fixtures

●      Functional islands

●      Hidden recycling cans

●      Neutral paint colors

Bedroom Remodels

Bedrooms often get neglected when homeowners remodel their houses with the intent to sell. While they remain less important than kitchens and bathrooms, bedrooms still experience hours of use each night when you sleep. They’re also the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see when you close your eyes.

Consider bedroom remodels if you find yourself selling a home that already boasts a modern kitchen and luxurious bathrooms. Some of the best home remodel ideas for the master bedroom include:

●      Modern, technology-driven lighting

●      Walk-in closet with seating

●      Accent walls

●      Gas fireplace

●      Double-door entry

●      Platform for a canopy bed

●      One-way mirrored walls

●      Hardwood floors 

Fortunately, our seasoned professionals at Schar Construction can meet all your home remodeling construction needs. If you’re interesting in seeing past remodel projects we’ve completed, feel free to explore our gallery.



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