Is 2021 a Good Time To Build a House?

Schar Construction has been a leading home builder in Eugene, OR, for more than four decades. We’ve
seen deep dives and meteoric rises in the housing market. Every home we build is safe, beautiful, made
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Does taking the dog out in the rain six or eight times a day leave you longing for some fenced-in green
space of your own? Or maybe you dream of vistas more pleasant than your neighbor’s laundry hanging
over the balcony.

If you’re back to work after a long stretch at home, perhaps the commute doesn’t seem so worth it
anymore. You would rather have an office at home so you can continue working remotely and spend
more time with loved ones and less time on the road.

Whatever your reason for looking into a move, a quick peek into the housing market—where homes
seem to fly off the shelves—may cause you to consider if becoming a home builder rather than a home
buyer is the best course of action in 2021.

The Current Housing Market Landscape Is Superb for Sellers

2020 taught us many lessons, especially that life can be short and how we spend our time and money is
valuable. If you are paying rent, you may wonder if now is the time to stop throwing away money and
invest it in a piece of your own real estate instead.

Rates are currently low, so many buyers are in the market for mortgages and homes. Properties are
moving quickly, and the home you planned to look at may go off the market before you get the chance.
A natural train of thought leads you to seek out the cost of building versus buying.

Maybe your current home is fine for your day-to-day use, but you want to create a new space further
out among Oregon’s natural wonders. Perhaps you’re looking to spend more time on riverside trails, in
forested fields, and breathing in the fresh air.

Schar Construction architects will work with you to make the residential or vacation home of your
dreams a reality. But is 2021 a good time to build a home?

Building Vs. Buying Benefits

Building means you’ll get the home you want and need with fewer compromises, so you won’t find
yourself in the same spot a few years from now—needing to sell your home and facing the world of
uncertainties that accompany that prospect.

Building new also means fewer uncertainties with repairs. Older homes can present new mysteries and
have any number of repair people traipsing in and out of your home. If you purchase an older home, you
may still need to wrestle with the rising cost of construction materials when making these repairs or
building add-ons to make the home into what you need it to be.

New homes and appliances are more energy-efficient because of technology improvements and a
deeper understanding of how our actions affect the environment. This change means spending less on
your energy costs annually, which can pay off in a way it never could in your current home or rental

It takes more cash reserves to build a home than buy or rent one. If you are in a place where you can
build now, either in a home builder development or on land you own, you should.

The cost of materials in the home building construction industry rarely goes down over time. Building
your home now will most likely cost you less than building the same home one year from now. Building

2021 Is the Year To Make Your Home Work for You

If the stars have aligned and it’s time for you to move on from your current living arrangements, 2021 is
the year to build, not buy. Inventory is low, driving the cost of already-built homes up.

Compared to other expenses, a home is one of the most expensive things you pay for in your life.
Wouldn’t you rather spend that amount of money on a home you love that works best for you and has
everything you need?

Your home should work for you, not you for it. Build your home to fit your family’s lifestyle, not the
other way around. Plus, modern and efficient materials and appliances mean homes built in 2021 are
more budget- and earth-friendly.

Contact Schar Construction for a free estimate—whether you want a single-room remodeled or want a
custom luxury home you design from the floor plan up.

Also feel free to check out our blog on the cost to build a home.

There is no such thing as a sure thing, and as we learned this past year—life is short and time spent
together is important. Call a home builder at Schar Construction in Eugene, OR, at 541-329-4769, and
let’s build the forever home of your dreams today.



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