8 Easy Factors: The Cost to Build a House in Eugene, Oregon

If you’re considering building a new home, the city of Eugene, OR, is a great location with high property values and the potential for future growth. You probably have either a budget or a limited amount of money available to you from lenders, but you still want to know the ballpark cost to build a house in this area. Weighing your options carefully and choosing the right builder will go a long way toward building a house that has everything you want and still stays within your budget.

How much will your dream home in Eugene cost? The cost per square foot of existing homes is $192 per square foot, and the median home price is just under $300,000, although this varies with market trends and as listings come on and off the market. Even if these values were a perfectly accurate snapshot of home prices, you aren’t buying the median home. You’re buying the home that meets the needs of yourself and your family. 

The cost to build a house depends on many factors. Some costs, such as building permits, are fixed and inevitable. You might reduce other costs by making trade-offs, giving up that one aspect of your home that is less than ideal to free up money for something you want more. Some costs, such as those caused by construction delays, mistakes, and defective materials, may result from choosing a builder who is inexperienced or unfamiliar with Eugene, OR.   

Land Prices

Land prices are variable and depend on several factors, such as:

  • The location of the land
  • The type of development it is zoned for
  • Whether or not it falls within a flood plain 
  • Whether or not it is suitable for building

If you do not already own land, make sure that the land you are looking at is zoned for residential use and that its grade and soil composition is suitable for laying a foundation. Also, the land should not be prone to flooding, particularly if it is in the vicinity of the Willamette River.

The Size of the Home

The cost per square foot of newly constructed homes is between $108 and $161, not counting the cost of the land. The cost of any individual home might not necessarily fall within this range. Prices may vary depending on the quality of materials and fixtures, as well as many other considerations.

Basements, Attics, and Other Spaces

A basement can add up to $30,000 to the cost to build a house, and an attic can add that much or more, particularly if it is finished and includes bedrooms or a bathroom. These spaces are typically not counted as part of the house’s square footage, but they are usable spaces that can be a sound investment. Including a basement, attic, or garage to the new construction of a home is much cheaper than to add one after the house is completed.

The Home’s Location in Eugene

Affluent neighborhoods, like Bethel and Churchill, have some of the highest home prices in Eugene, OR, while other neighborhoods can be more economical. This cost is primarily based on the cost of the land that the house is on. Construction costs should not be strongly affected by the neighborhood unless high crime rates or inaccessibility complicate the logistics of getting materials to the build site or the neighborhood has more stringent building codes.

The Cost of Materials

All things being equal, shortages of lumber or other critical materials can add considerably to the cost to build a house. Supply disruptions or sudden increases in demand may increase costs. In the current inflationary climate, with the cost of building materials likely to increase in the future as demand for construction rises, delaying your preparations for your new home could increase the overall cost of the build.

Custom Elements

All homes are not created equal. As you plan your house, you may discover that you need some extra features. These additional perks could include a swimming pool, four-car garage, unique architectural feature, or accommodations for a resident with a disability. 

Note that many of these additional elements could increase the home’s value and could be considered an investment in your home’s equity rather than an expense. Consider the value of comparable homes in your area with similar features when weighing the cost of adding extras to your home.

Labor Costs

While labor costs are factored into the cost per square foot mentioned above, labor shortages or changes to labor regulations that increase the hourly rate for labor or delay completion of the work can add considerably to the cost to build a house.

Efficiency and Organization

Poor planning or disorganized scheduling adds time to the build by adding to labor costs, fees for storage of materials, and potentially the cost of redoing work that could not be done properly because of a logistical snag. Similarly, an experienced home building company with a clear grasp of how long the tasks should take can set multiple construction processes in motion simultaneously and get the most out of every hour worked.

Schar Construction has an advantage in efficiency and organization. Decades of experience with home building, construction, logistics, and Oregon housing codes allow them to expedite and coordinate every step of the building process. 

As you prepare to move into your new home, Eugene businesses and artisans will provide custom handiwork and essential services. Their long-standing relationships with suppliers and businesses enable Schar Construction to anticipate problems and work proactively to make sure that every task is done correctly and on time. 

Schar Construction will work smoothly with the Lane County Management Division to finish all necessary paperwork and obtain all required permits before the need for them arises. Get started on your new dream home with Schar Construction today.

Please note that any calculation of the cost to build a house is only a rough estimate until you have a specific property and floor plans in mind and have discussed building materials in detail. To determine the precise cost of your dream home, call Schar Construction today at (541) 203-6342 for a free consultation.

 Also feel free to check out our separate blog on whether or not now is the right time to build.

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